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You must know the small knowledge of LED table lamp strobe

The stroboscopic effect of LED light source is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
   1. Injury the eyes of young people, causing myopia.
   2. Harm to the health of the body, the stroboscopic effect will cause an increase in the incidence of visual fatigue and migraine.
   3. Induced photosensitive epilepsy, resulting in vision loss and distraction.
4. Some researchers said that by observing the EEG, even if the stroboscopic light in the environment is too fast to be noticeable, the retina of the organism can still distinguish the light with a frequency of 100-160Hz, even up to 200Hz and do In response, in animal experiments represented by cats, light of 100-120 Hz has caused burns to its brain cells. The burned cells belong to the lateral geniculate tissue, which plays a role in controlling the eyeballs. It shows that the optic nerve is always receiving these high-frequency pulsed light, which is harmful to human body.
   5. May cause brain cell damage. In view of the stroboscopic effect of electric light sources, when choosing LED table lamps, you must choose an appropriate LED table lamp with low light source fluctuation frequency/low frequency flash depth and appropriate brightness. In addition, use LED table lamps reasonably Time to avoid eye fatigue can effectively reduce the harm of stroboscopic to eye health.