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Tips for buying table lamps

   One pull: "Pulling" refers to pulling the plug of the power cord away from the socket and pulling the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord cannot be detached from the lamp cavity.
   Second adjustment: "Adjustment" refers to the adjustment of various working positions of the desk lamp. During adjustment, no sound can be made. After adjustment, the working position should be able to be locked conveniently and reliably.
  Three shakes: "Shake" refers to adjust the desk lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shake the plane on which the desk lamp is placed to see if the desk lamp is easy to tip over, and if the desk lamp is not stable enough, it is easy to tip over.
Four touches: "touch" means that after lighting the table lamp for a period of time (2 hours), touch the lampshade and other heating parts that are easily touched when using it to see if it is hot to prevent accidental burns in the future. Of course, if it is LED eye protection The lamp itself is a cold light source, and the temperature of the lamp tube is relatively low, even if it is used for several hours, it will not be hot to the touch.