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How to use LED eye protection table lamp correctly

   1. Turn on the background light when using the desk lamp: Generally, when using the eye protection lamp, the main lighting in the room must be turned on. The purpose of this is to make the surrounding light and the eye lamp light difference not too big. Because if the surrounding environment is too dark, only the eye protection lamp is bright, the illumination environment is too large, and the contrast is too strong, which will cause the pupils to continuously shrink and enlarge, resulting in eye fatigue and worsening myopia.
   2. Anti-glare and anti-glare: If the product is too glare, the brightness is too bright, and the light source is not good, it will cause eye fatigue and increase myopia. So no matter whether the LED eye light is good or not, you should do this: place the LED eye light after the upper left corner, and tilt the lamp cover outward by about 10 degrees. In this way, you can avoid the light directly hitting our eyes and avoid injury. Even if the table lamp is healthy and eye-protecting, it is always aimed at the eyes, and it is difficult for the eyes to be uncomfortable.
   3. Place the desk lamp opposite to the writer: If you are writing with your right hand, you should place the desk lamp in the upper left corner, so as to avoid the shadow left by the right hand writing will affect reading or writing. When using LED eye protection lamp, reading and writing is best to use the second gear. The comfortable and soft light of the second gear is very suitable for long time reading or writing. Place the desk lamp opposite the writing hand to avoid shadows in the reading area.
   4. Anti-glare of computer screen: When using a computer, the glare generated by the computer is an important factor that makes the eyes dry and eye fatigue. Therefore, when using a computer with LED eye protection lights, be sure to illuminate both the front and back of the screen to provide sufficient light for the eyes. And don't face away from the window, this will cause sunlight to reflect directly from the screen into the eyes, which is very harmful to the eyes.